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Our furnishing systems are developed based on the needs of students. We have a very wide range of decors and solutions with varying combination of the elemental units. But on customer request, we can also develop elemental sets or furniture systems to create a unique set of furniture. We can also assist in the design and selection of materials so that all interior elements are in coherence. We also design kitchens , community rooms , cinema rooms, etc.



























Our furniture are manufactured in accordance with the true art of joinery using the most durable materials and methods available. We do not compromise on cost to produce inferior furniture. We use the most durable sub-assemblies and the best solutions to create a captivating product which is in every way functional and affordable. 

All our furniture are fitted in accordance with the design. Furniture are mounted to floors and walls permanently. LED lighting can be included in the fittings of all kinds of interior furniture especially in kitchens to create a unique look - have a look at our kitchens in the gallery.

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